A Resume for Your Wedding

Posted by rnewton on Oct 08, 2009

wedding-photography-bend-the-light-ipodAs professional wedding planners, a big part of our role is communication.  If you are planning your wedding without the assistance of a planner, your vendors will ask you for the essential information that they need.  We take it beyond that, ensuring that the vendors have a comprehensive overview and timeline of the entire wedding.  Doing so enables us to better manage the pace of the wedding and identify potential snafus and challenges before the wedding.  It is also a way we foster teamwork amongst the various professionals that are going to make your wedding so special.

The tool that we use to accomplish this is the wedding agenda.  Preparing it is very time consuming, but it’s our job.  We don’t expect you to do the same – you won’t have the time and probably don’t have event experience – but there is a less time consuming alternative, what we call the wedding resume.  We would encourage you to start preparing one from the onset of your planning, revise it as needed and send a final version to your vendors and guest hotels a few days prior to your wedding.  Here’s what it should include;

  • An overview with your contact info.
  • A key / central contact person other than yourself for the day of your wedding.  It could be your best man, a parent or best friend.  Make sure that this person is fully aware of your wedding details.
  • Contact info for all your vendors, including hotels that you and your guests will be using (when I was a hotelier, it was not uncommon for guests to go to the front desk and ask if we knew where so-and-so’s wedding was taking place – unfortunately, if no one told us about it we could not help them.)
  • A list of your VIP’s.
  • A timeline of activities – this should include the “getting ready” activities such as hair and makeup.  Be sure to include locations.
  • Things: a list of all the items that need to get to the wedding (rings, license, escort cards, guest book, party favors, cake knife, etc.) as well as what happens to them after the wedding and who is responsible.
  • A contact person to cover for you while you are away on your honeymoon (who will pick up items left behind or forgotten at the venue? – btw, make sure that this person has you honeymoon contact info.)

By completing your wedding resume, not only will your vendors be better prepared (and appreciative of your efforts), but you will be more comfortable, even when someone finally tells you to turn off your cellphone!

*Photo courtesy of Bend The Light Photography