A Parisian Shower

Posted by bridalbuds on Sep 09, 2009

As much I have been in full swing planning my wedding, my mom has been equally busy planning my bridal showers. Back in May I had my garden themed ‘family’ shower at my Grandmother’s house. This time around it was my ‘friends’ shower, and my mom went all out with a beautiful Parisian theme.

My Parisian Shower

Back in grade 10, my high school offered a trip to the art students to go to Paris. My mom and I excitedly signed up and I have been in love with Paris ever since. Once I returned home my Paris collection began to grow – from pictures, postcards, and mini Eiffel Tower figurines, to the 5 foot Eiffel Tower I painted on my wall in my old house, it was clear I was slightly obsessed (I like to call it ‘in love’). So it was only natural for my mom to incorporate this into my shower theme. She barely had to go shopping for decor because it was all in my room!

My mom did things a bit differently for this shower. Rather than having it on a Saturday or Sunday, we had it on a Thursday night and served assorted canapes, finger sandwiches and pates. It was a perfect mid-week cocktail party!

The hall was beautifully decorated with purple and lavender balloons, prize bags with lavender tissue paper, and cream water jugs with purple hydrangeas as the centerpieces.

Lavender coloured prizes

The centerpiece

We played a really cute game where each table got their own little cake and decorating supplies and had to decorate their cake, with me picking the winner. There were a lot of great cakes – some with Eiffel Towers, some used the centerpiece flowers, and some were x-rated. The cake that won had been shaped into a jack-o-lantern to represent the day Orchid Dude and I met.

The winning cake

As a wonderful surprise, my mom had bought me “Mastering The Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child (we saw Julie & Julia together and I just loved it!) and as the guests arrived got them to write their cooking advice for Orchid Dude and I.

To finish up the evening, we indulged in a crepe and waffle station, along with a shower cake and homemade cupcakes – there was no shortage of food or fun that night!!

Vanilla cupcakes with Lavender flowers

As guests left, they were given a lavender scented pouch with a hand written ‘thank you’ tag.