A HeartFELT Wedding

Posted by cfalk on Jan 24, 2011

We all know what felt is, right? It is that soft, colorful stuff we used to glue and glitter when we were kids. While felt may still be used as a main arts and crafts supply for children, felt is making its way into the wedding scene. Felt can be made into beautiful flowers, boutonniere, wreaths and banners, or used in containers, arrangements and bouquets. Felt made a stint in the 1960’s – which may spark images of mustard colored shag carpet and pea-green accents filling a room. Felt in the 60’s was bright and bold – mostly primary colors were used. Current trends of felt are much more sophisticated and soft than those seene in the past, yet they still capture the hand crafted, light-hearted spirit of those who created them. 

Adding touches of felt to a fresh flower arrangement or bouquet is a quick way to take it from ordinary to unique and interesting. Felt can be added to a bouquet or arrangement in a very subtle and almost natural-looking way.  For example, the  above left image has light green felt leaves that compliment the arrangement well. The color of the leaves are very close to the color of the hypericum berries. Also, the little felt belt that wraps around the container is also done in the same color, creating a general cohesiveness to the entire arrangement. The felt covered container is a great idea for those of you who have some not-so-perfect containers at home – simply wrap felt around them and you have a fabulous new container! For your wedding, if you have a collection of vases in assorted shapes, sizes and colors, felt is a quick an inexpensive way to unify them all.

Above Images via January 2011 isusue of Flowers& Magazine

Add a bit of whimsy to a fresh floral bouquet by adding felt covered wire curls and swirls. If you truly love the look of felt, do not be shy, go for an all felt bouquet. Many crafters sell felt bouquets and other felt wedding items online (try Etsy). If you want to give it a go, try these DIY instructions.

Unlike those in the 60’s, we have access to so many great sources on the Internet. We also have way more choices in felt colors  and crafting supplies. Whether you opt to purchase your felt goods or make your own, these wonderful advancements will make your life so much easier (and prettier)! An entire wedding can be planned around the idea of felt. Bouquets, boutonniere, centerpieces, banners, decor elements, favors – practically any element of your wedding can use felt in a creative and inspiring way.

Above Images all from HandmadeCOLEctibles