A Classy White Wedding

Posted by cfalk on Feb 22, 2011

For someone who LOVES color, it is sometimes hard for me to say that I like white. However, when it comes to weddings, I love when everything is white, white white. An all white wedding is timeless. While some may think that an all white wedding means stiff guests and little dancing, this is not true. The styling and flowers you choose will help to create the mood for your wedding. So, if you are worried that the colors you pick for your wedding are going to look dated in 5 years, consider using white. After you decide how formal or laid back you want your wedding to be, talk with your florist and event planner. They should be able to pick the right flowers, containers and decor elements to help you achieve the right mood.

Tip: If you are more laid back, you should try mixing different flower varieties and arranging a variety of whites and creams together to create interest and personality. For more formal brides and weddings, stick to 1 -3 varieties of flowers and one shade of white (and yes, there are different shades of white).

Images From Top to Bottom: White Bouquet/White Bouquet on Book/ Hydrangea Centerpiece/White Tablespread/Remaining 4 Centerpieces