8 Questions Your Floral Designer Should Ask YOU

Posted by cfalk on Mar 25, 2011

Last week I posted 8 Questions to Ask Your Floral Designer. This week I am letting you know that there are 8 questions that your floral designer should be asking YOU! Of course, there are the obvious questions: date, time, location, number of bouquets, etc. However, there are certain questions that your floral designer should be inquiring about from you. A floral consultation is an interview for not only the bride but for the florist as well. Information is needed from both sides to have a successful outcome.

Here are the 8 questions that you should be ANSWERING:

1. Do you have a specific style/theme for the wedding?

Some brides are very specific in the style or theme of their wedding. The floral designer must know about this if they are going to provide flowers that work with your look. If you are thinking, “What?! I need a specific look?” Don’t worry, your floral designer should be able to help you and guide you to a style of your liking.

2. What style is your wedding dress?

Even though the majority of wedding dresses are white/ivory/cream, the cut of your dress can elude to your personal taste and the style direction that your wedding is most likely going in. A lacey form fitting dress brings to mind very differnt flowers then a bride who is wearing a big pouffy skirt with a tight bodice. Knowing the style of your dress will also help determine the size of your bouquet.

3. What color(s) are the bridesmaid’s dresses?

It is important for the floral designer to know the color and style of the bridesmaid’s dresses because he/she will have to select the right color flowers to complement them. Seeing that many people’s descriptions of a single color can be interpreted differently, providing a photo or swatch of the style and color is the easiest way to ensure your designer knows what shade of “pink” you are referring to. If you can’t get a fabric swatch of the dress, take the dress to a paint store and match the dress and your other wedding colors to the paint chips. Take a few so you can pass them out to all your vendors who may need them.

4. Do you have any inspiration boards/ideas to show me?

It’s amazing how helpful a single photo can be. Showing a floral designer an idea that you love can help them interpret your style and taste into a beautiful wedding. The photo does not even need to be of flowers (although it might be more helpful),a favorite printed tablecloth or a decorative item can help the designer understand your personal taste. If you have no style direction, your florist should be able to help you come up with one.

5. What are you likes/dislikes?

It’s always a good question to ask because if you really don’t like a certain flower or color, you don’t want your designer to incorporate it into your wedding. If you love something, tell your designer so they can be sure to include it somehow.

6. What is your budget?

I know sometimes we don’t like to give away how much our budget is in fear that we will be taken advantage of. However, when it comes to your wedding flowers, it is extremely helpful for your designer to know what your budget is up front. Knowing an estimated budget will help him/her steer you in the direction of flowers within your price range. For example, you don’t want to say money is no object because the designer may suggest that you use flowers like peonies (a much more costly flower than say a gerbera daisy) and then when you tell him/her you cannot afford that you will have wasted your their time and yours.

7. Are there any special restrictions or rules required at your wedding ceremony and/or reception?

Most venues are fairly accomodating to florists but some have certain restrictions. For example, certain churches do not permit flowers in certain areas or at all. Your venue/wedding coordinator should be able to assist you in these types of concerns but your floral designer should be in the know.

8. What is the name and number of your wedding coordinator/venue coordinator and other vendors?

In most cases, you, the bride (or your coordinator) should provide a list of all the contact information to all of your vendors with a name, phone number and email address if possible. Since most brides are quite busy getting ready for their big day, if any questions should arise, the vendors are able to contact one another without adding any additional stress to you. Along with this contact sheet, a timeline of the ceremony and reception set-up are extremely helpful. Floral designers need to know exactly what time the caterer’s or reception venue will be done setting up the tables and linens so that they can arrange the centerpieces.

As with the post, 8 Questions to Ask Your Floral Designer,  these questions are just guidelines. Do not stress if you don’t hear these exact questions… but maybe do if your desginer isn’t going anywhere near these questions! There is a lot that can easily cause you to stress out when planning your wedding and our goal as vendors is to help ease that stress for you. If you are not comfortable with your floral designer, or any of your vendors for that matter, keep looking. There is no need to have that bit of doubt in your mind; there are several outstanding floral designers, photographers, videographers and event planners in almost every city.

Photo: Aaron Shintaku– Flowers: Floral Designs by Christa Rose