7 Ways To Rock Your Rainy Day Wedding

Posted by Caitlin on Apr 15, 2013

Photo: Jeff Loves Jessica Photography

So the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” But no bride wants to hear the “r” word. Little does she know that it’s good luck! Rain signifies unity, which means that a stronger bond is created when you are “tying the knot” in the rain. Water makes a knot harder to untie compared to a dry one. A bond that won’t be easily broken. Even if there is a possibility, here are seven ways to rock your rainy day wedding:

1. Download a weather app to check for updates.

2. If you planned for an outdoor ceremony and reception, set a tent up.

3. Create DIY signs that say, “Rain, rain” and “Go away!”

4. Buy umbrellas that match your colors and pose under them.

5. Give rain boots to your bridal party as part of their thank you gifts.

6. Protect your dress. Consider getting ready at your venue instead of at home or a hotel.

7. Wear waterproof makeup.