50 and Counting

Posted by pear on Apr 17, 2012

My Grandma and Grandpa on my dad’s side of the family renewed their vows last year in January for their 50th wedding anniversary. When they were young and just out of high school, they decided that they loved each other too much to ever be apart. They eloped that night. Because they never had a formal wedding with their friends and families by their sides, they wanted to finally have one.

I think this is the most romantic things I have ever seen, heard, or experienced. My Grandma and Grandpa are some of the sweetest and most loving people I have ever met. They want the best for their family and friends, and go out of their way to make that happen. They love adventure and traveling – there is a new experience waiting for them every year when they take a trip.

They are a wonderful example of taking a leap of faith and following their hearts. It was taboo to both of their families to run off and get hitched without telling anyone, but they did it anyway. And this is because their love for each other meant more than the consequences of their actions.

Their vow renewal was so beautiful. I was the photographer for the event and, even though I was extremely busy taking photos, I cried when my Grandpa was reading his vows to my Grandma. In my defense, he was totally crying too!

My glorious, gorgeous, and loving grandparents.

In the midst of all of your wedding planning, please remember that the man you are about to marry is more important than any detail that you decide upon. Your wedding lasts a day, but your marriage will last a lifetime – God willing. If you ever find yourself fighting over a minuscule detail with your fiance, keep in the back of your mind that that small detail will not make you happy forever but your fiance has every chance in the world of doing so. Figure out a solution to that detail quickly and with grace. Move on. No detail is worth amounting to a fight.

I hope so high and far that you and the love of your life find the kind of connection that my Grandparents have. I believe in it. I hope for it. I wish for it. But most of all, I know it exists. Focus on your upcoming marriage, first and foremost. The rest is a minor detail in beginning it.

Much love and happy planning.

The whole family!