4 Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Reception

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 10, 2013

Whether they’re your nieces, nephews, or cousins, there’s a chance they’ll be in attendance at your wedding. Here’s how to keep them (and their parents) happy throughout the reception:

1. Arts & Crafts – Have a “kids-only” table with coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, (washable) markers, and stencils.


Photo: A Brit & A Blonde 

2. Face Painting – Leave the paint to the professionals.


Photo: Ron Miller Photography

3. Balloons – How can we not reference Wedding Crashers? Hire a balloon twister to make crowns, swords, and yes, even bicycles.


Photo: Ron Miller Photography

4. Bells & Whistles – Instead of tapping the glass, which they most likely would break, ringing the bell for a kiss proves to be a safer (and louder) option.


Photo: Jillian Tree Photography