5 Tips for Choosing Shabby Chic Details

Posted by Jeffra on Mar 29, 2011

If you’re thinking about doing a Shabby Chic style wedding, here are some of tips on finding odds and ends to make your decor complete.

1. Find an invitation with a “worn” look to it. It can include flowers, but the background should almost look like a worn piece of furniture.

2. Search for patterned china that matches your color scheme. Hit up an estate sale or local flea market to see what they have, too.

3. Find an old birdcage, preferably wood, but worn metal works too. Just make sure it has a “used” feel to it without looking dirty.

4. White ceramic vases are a must. These can be coupled with silver vases as well, but definitely snag a few of these for centerpieces, guest book table, etc.

5. Lastly, and most importantly, find a signature piece. You may even own one that is sitting in a warehouse or garage. If it’s not your desired color, look online for tips on how to give it a worn down “shabby chic” look with just a few coats of paint and a piece of sand paper.

Invitation | Birdcage | Patterned China | Chest of Draws/MirrorWhite Ceramic Vases