5 alternatives to the traditional gift registry

Posted by mallen on Aug 03, 2011

The traditional gift registry remains an important wedding element: it presents to a couple an opportunity to build their home together, and it offers wedding guests options for gifts that you are certain to like and need and want.  With many couples cohabiting before marriage, ‘setting up house’ isn’t what it used to be.

So here are five alternatives to a traditional gift registry:

  1. MyRegistry.com – Why registry for housewares in one store, bedding and bath in another, and home repair items in yet a third, when myregistry.com allows you to build a registry from ANY store, all to one registry?  You can even request cash gifts to contribute toward a special project or vacation.  This is traditional gift registry, turbo charged!
  2. TheHoneymoon.com – if the price tag for your wedding is leaving you wondering how a honeymoon can be funded, this might be an option worth considering.  The site offers pre-designed destination registries that you can customize to fit your specific travel plans (or create your own!).  Registry items can include one night at the hotel, an upgrade to a suite, wine with dinner at a specific restaurant, sunset dinner on the beach, couples massage, and on and on!
  3. StarlightRegistry.com This registry is designed specifically to request cash gifts.  Great when saving for a car, a house, or other items beyond the typical traditional wedding.  They also the option of creating a wedding website with guest book, photo album and RSVP options (though I would advice against using the printed cards to alert your guests to the gift request, a website is a great way to reveal that information without being so forward as to solicit a gift.)
  4. HatchMyHouse.com – Though this is a cash generating registry, the fun with this site is the ability to create a virtual house and register for specific elements within it: front yard landscaping, living room lamps, window treatments – you build the virtual house and name the items!
  5. WishUponAWedding.org/Store – Wish Upon A Wedding is a non-profit organization of wedding professionals who grant weddings to those suffering from terminal illness, giving them a moment of celebration, surrounded by love and confirming life.  Here’s where we get to count our blessings: Why not ask your guests to contribute to the granting of someone’s wish by donating to WUW in lieu of a gift?  Or instead of party favors, donate to WUW in the name of your own celebration and share the love?  More items are being added to their donation store this month, so be sure to check it out.

“Happy planning!”