3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Posted by kharrison on Nov 26, 2012

Reducing food waste this holiday season (or any day) is easy if you plan a few ideas ahead of time. There are a lot of quick and easy recipes that can be created by just using the leftovers you have stored away. Celebrate consciously with these simple tips:

1. Create New Recipes

The possibilities are endless in this particular case: overstuffed thanksgiving sandwiches, thanksgiving hash for breakfast, turkey and sweet potato salad with cranberry dressing or vegetable/turkey soups to name a few. Take the traditional leftovers and make something new and really innovative in the process.

Photo: Chow

2. Compost Food Scraps

Many of the foods served during the holidays are rich in nutrients for your soil. Collect food scraps from vegetables, fruits, coffee grounds and egg shells and prepare your garden bed for the warm days ahead. You can neatly store scraps in a compost bucket and wait until guests have left to scatter the leftovers.

Photo: TheKitchn

3. Can and Freeze!

There’s really no limit to what you can preserve by canning. Fruits, vegetables, beans, jams and chutneys will keep well throughout the winter. Make sure to freeze meats, gravy, desserts and more instead of waiting until they go bad.

Photo: RealSimple

Happy Holidays from The Green Bride Guide!