3 Reasons to Honeymoon in the Hamptons

Posted by lfrazier on Aug 14, 2012

Love the idea of spending your honeymoon somewhere upscale, classy and still intimate? Do you want to select a destination that offers more to see and do than you could ever possibly get to? If this sounds like what you and your sweetie are dreaming of, a honeymoon in the Hamptons just might be in order.

Located on the very edge of the Long Island area of New York, the Hamptons are a famed summer getaway for jetsetters from all over the world. Known for first-class accommodations and a spectacular ocean view, this group of villages beckons not only to the movers and shakers of the northeast, but also honeymooners looking for a romantic getaway following their big day.

So, why should you consider the Hamptons for your summertime honeymoon? Here are a few reasons this destination is worth a very close look:

  • The location – Let’s face it; the Hamptons are pretty easy for honeymooners to get to. Even if you’re not in the New York area, a quick plane trip and you’re almost there. The communities that make up the Hamptons are readily accessible to anyone who lives in the continental United States and there’s no need for a passport. Plus, the view delivered once you’re there is simply stunning.
  • The things to do – Golfing, swimming, fishing, sailing and more await those who call the Hamptons their vacation destination. The communities here all offer their own places to see and do, plus there are plenty of shops to explore, restaurants to dine in and there’s always the beach to capture your attention. Plus, you’re not necessarily locked in to a quiet pace if you choose the Hamptons for your vacation. With the close proximity of New York City’s other attractions, you can also easily go see a Broadway show, check out the museums, dine in some of America’s most famed restaurants and much more.
  • The care you’ll receive – The hotels, motels and boutique resorts that dot the Hamptons are all well-tuned for delivering the very best in care to their guests. Considering some of the most notable movers and shakers vacation here, you can anticipate first-class service throughout your stay.

If getting away from it all while remaining close to the action sounds like a honeymoon plan, the Hamptons are worth a very close look. To find out more about this vacation destination, just check with your honeymoon travel advisor.