3 Rainy Day Wedding Must-Haves

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 06, 2012

So the saying goes, “It’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day.” Symbolically, rain signifies unity, which means that a stronger bond is created when you are “tying the knot” in the rain. Water makes a knot harder to untie compared to a dry one. Just think: Your bond will not easily be broken. Even though rain is never quite welcome, being prepared is key. Here’s how you can keep dry with these rainy day wedding must-haves:

1. Rain boots: Treat your bridesmaids to a matching pair of rain boots that corresponds with their dress and don’t forget to get a pair for you and your husband.

Photos (from top to bottom): The Feds Wedding Collection and Susan Stripling

2. Umbrellas: If you are having an outdoor wedding, keep your guests dry by providing umbrellas. It’s also a must to incorporate an umbrella into your wedding portraits if it’s raining.

Photos (clockwise from top left): Hannah Marie PhotographyKatelyn James Photography and Photography by Kimberly Coccagnia

3. Shawls: If mother nature is calling for cooler temperatures at night, have shawls serve as favors to keep your guests warm during the reception.

Photos (from left to right): Jessica Watson Photography and Allyson Magda Photography

Did you know that some of the best weddings are captured on rainy days? The colors and light during overcast days give your photographer more creative control. Just remember to have a “Plan B” and don’t let the rain ruin your day!