2010 Forecasting – Trends

Posted by acursaro on Jan 22, 2010

In part two of this Forecasting Series, we’ll take a look at the Top 5 Trends you’re bound to see in 2010!

weddings-inspiration board-2010 trends

1.  Intimate Ceremonies – Many couples that postponed their 2009 weddings because of too-tight budgets might just opt for a smaller, at-home ceremony in 2010 to save money and avoid pushing back their wedding date any longer.  Also, in 2010 there will be a huge move towards what weddings are all about – being surrounded by the people you love – and there’s no better way to get some quality time in than cutting your guest list and getting married in a small, intimate ceremony!

2.  Vintage – Vintage started going mainstream in 2009, but expect it to continue and go full-force in 2010.  Be on the lookout for vintage everything – bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, footwear, accessories and decor!

3.  Buttercream is Back – This is seriously my favorite trend of 2010!  In recent years, couples have been all about fondant for their wedding cakes because it provides a sleek look and has the ability to be molded into many gorgeous forms.  However, it’s not so tasty. . . and growing up with a mother and a grandmother who bake and decorate cakes for a living I’ve been waiting for buttercream icing to make a comeback because it’s so natural looking and absolutely DELICIOUS!

4.  Monochromatic Palettes – Going along with trend number one of couples wanting their weddings to be simple and traditional, many of them will choose to create one-color wedding palettes with several different tones.  Monochromatic weddings colors provide a classic look and it’s less stressful when purchasing clothing and accessories for the big day since you aren’t constantly trying to match everything to a specific shade.

5.  Eco-friendly Weddings – Once again, this trend began going strong in 2009 and it’s sure to continue and thrive in 2010.  Couples are really thinking about the impact their weddings make on the planet and are trying to do everything they can to do their part.  Be on the look for recycled stationery items, repurposed floral arrangements and organic menus.

Row One:  Ceremony Photo by Tec Petaja Wedding Photography; Vintage Bride Image by Josh Goleman Photography

Row Two:  Organic Menu Item Photo from Eco Caters

Row Three:  Monochromatic Image from 100 Layer Cake; Wedding Cake by Cakes by Nadine