$10 Bouquets

Posted by bridalbuds on May 02, 2009

With 10 bridesmaids, it was a little daunting thinking about all the money we’d spend on fresh floral bouquets. I’ve heard prices in the range of $30 and up, depending on the amount and type of fresh flowers. Then, there is my bouquet which could run in the upwards of $100-$150 (or even more, I’m sure!).

From flickr.com

From flickr.com

Is it possible that I can create my own bouquets without spending major moulah???

Simple Answer: YES!

I stumbled upon my answer when I was at Michael’s picking up supplies for a little bridesmaids project I was working on (to be blogged about later-no peaking any of you bridesmaids that read this). They had a sale on their Spring Buds assorted flowers. Originally, each stem was $4.99 and they were being sold at 50% off! I also had a 25% off coupon for the entire purchase for non-sale items like the satin ribbon, floral tape and pins to put it all together.

I also initially purchased small white Styrofoam cones and thought I could stick the flowers in that and wrap that up with the white ribbon. It looked a little too fake so I scratched that idea. Here’s what it looked like just to get an idea:

Trial Bouquet

Here’s what I used for each bridesmaids bouquet:

  • 2 Orange Hydrangea Stems ($5 total)
  • Green Floral Tape
  • White Satin Ribbon
  • Pins

(maybe $1 when dividing up the floral tape, ribbon and pins)

2 Orange Hydrangea Arrangement

So each bouquet is less than $10!

My bouquet consisted of:

  • 4 Orange Hydrangea Stems ($10)
  • 1 White Hydrangea Stem – to break off little flowers and scatter them around the orange flowers ($2.50)
  • Green Floral Tape
  • White Satin Ribbon
  • Pins

(again, maybe $1 when dividing up the floral tape, ribbon and pins)

This is a very quick snapshot. There would be more little white petals than just the one.

4 Orange Hydrangeas with white arrangement

Has anyone else done something like this? What are your plans for floral arrangements?