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There is absolutely no reason to give McClanahan Studio anything less than 5 out of 5 in every category. Not only are Dan and Alex one of the most fun couples you'll ever meet, they are professional, courteous and VERY talented.

When my husband and I got engaged, we knew immediately that we wanted McClanahan Studio to take our engagement photos. Although we live in Kansas City, we knew that we wanted to take our engagement pics in Ames, Iowa, where we first met (and where McClanahan Studio is based). Dan and Alex were busy planning and moving into a new studio, but were happy to set that aside and schedule a shoot with us. Flexibility: check.

In our very, very early wedding planning stages, we researched a few photographers; neither of us had planned such a big event before and had no idea what photography prices were. After only a very short time of researching, we knew that McClanahan Studio would give us a massive bang for our buck. We LOVED our engagement photos, and the technique and art that the Studio put into each shot was exactly our style. Plus, working with a super fabulous duo like Dan and Alex gave me no doubts about the high quality photography we were going to get. Value for Cost: check.

When the big day finally rolled around, I (thankfully) had very little to worry about. One of the last things on my mind was photography - I already knew that was going to be perfect. Dan and Alex were super sleuth throughout the entire ceremony, capturing every single second that I wouldn't remember. When the ceremony ended and it was time to take family photos, we had about a 23 minute window to capture both of our extended families. Sure enough, when we came back into the church, Dan and Alex were ready and waiting, with a complete shot list and total knowledge of which family members needed to be on the altar and when. Professionalism: check.

Like I said, we had very little stress on our wedding day - our families were great and supportive throughout the entire engagement, and every single one of our friends was by our side the entire time. Even the McClanahan's were excited and thrilled for us and our celebration. During the planning process, Dan and Alex seemed to always be one step ahead of me, answering my questions before I even asked them. They even drove to Minneapolis the night before the wedding to research photo opp spots. I always felt that they were just as excited for our wedding day as we were! Responsiveness: check.

If I could give McClanahan Studio 10 out of 5 for Quality of Service, I would still give them a 12. They were a blast to work with on our wedding day - they found amazing places to take our photos, and they made each photo fun. Really fun. Several weeks after our wedding, when our new bedding was in place, and new pots and pans tucked away in their cubbards, I got an email from McChalanan Studio. I saw it at about 10pm. I knew what it was. My husband and I satyed awake for at least two more hours looking through every single one of our breathtaking photos. We couldn't believe how beautiful everything turned out. They even captured the details that I took so long to plan and decor that my sister and I hand crafted - the little things that I forgot to look for! Best of all, they captured every ounce of love that I have for my husband, and every ounce of love he has for me. Quality of Service: double check.

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