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Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism, Portraiture
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About Us

Hi! My name is Jenny (I also go by Jen, Jennifer, JD, Jenna, or Beezu (by my little brother-long story!)- depends on who you ask :) That's me with my husband George (Geo for short) up there.  I’m originally from NYC but moved to Rochester, NY in 2006 for grad school working towards a Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the University of Rochester. I graduated in 2013, along with Geo, who also has a PhD (in Chemistry). He's recently been hired as a post-doc at Berkeley (so proud of him <3), which is how we are now in the Bay Area!

Before I go on, I must stop and thank Geo who has been my partner in crime every step of the way in starting this business these past few years. While Geo may say this is my business, we are in fact a husband and wife team! Geo has been there with me by my side as my "assistant"  at every wedding and I couldn't do this without him! We've been married since 10.10.2010 and every second has been amazing and continues to be so.

So now for a little more of my story.  I had a really hard time during my graduate program so I discovered a love for photography a sort of outlet from all things grad school. My amazing parents bought me a DSLR for passing my qualifying exam (basically one big torture-fest that determines whether you can continue with the program).  At around the same time, I was researching photographers for my own wedding and was inspired by all the beautiful photos.  I took this fancy new camera to the many friends weddings we were invited to that year and got rave reviews with the photos I took! For fun (and for more of that outlet thing) I decided to try to take a whack at this photography thing!  In order to get more experience, I asked some friend couples to do portrait shoots with me (thank you Steph & Dan, Matt & Ria, Doug & Chelsea). After seeing these, some super awesome people gave me a chance at really doing this and hired me as their wedding photographer (thank you to my awesome cousins Lauren & Ryan, and  Andy & Diana, and some awesome peeps Julie & Jon, Nicole & Justin, Sarah & Sky, Sarah & Brendan, Karin & Beau, and Lisa & Mark for giving me a chance and booking me when I first started).

Technically my business has started with the help of these awesome people back in late 2010. I'd say I officially got this business up and kicking in 2012 when I've been fortunate enough to have shot a huge number of amazing weddings. Grad school was rough but, they've helped me make it through. I'm so thankful to have been a part of so many amazing and creative weddings and to have met some amazing people!

I'm seeing myself get better and better and more creative with each wedding I shoot. I am a perfectionist when it comes to photography and I always go above and beyond to capture amazing photos. I  continue to strive for the best and can only get better. I love shooting weddings and enjoy all the emotions associated with them; from planning, to watching your day unfold, to that moment you realize you'll be spending the rest of your life with your best friend. Capturing someone's special day and giving people those memories in photo form is something I've been so fortunate to experience and I absolutely love it. Most couples put their heart and soul into planning their wedding and want a photographer to do the same in capturing it. I only invest my heart and soul into things I love, which would be my family (including my cats!) and my photos.

Doing wedding photography is my dream and I really want to pursue this. I hope you enjoy my photos and if you’re interested in hiring me (and helping make my dream a reality!) drop me a message through my contact page on my website!

Thanks for your interest ♥


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