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About Us

I’m so passionate about photographing the moments that pass in a blink of an eye and creating timeless storytelling images that truly capture the heart of your wedding day.  My dynamic style of photojournalism and creative portraits will provide you with images that preserve all the magic of your celebration from a fresh, unexpected and intimate point of view.

I approach each wedding and event with genuine caring and the desire to put people at ease. Always sensitive and respectful, I strive to capture the most subtle and intimate moments without being obtrusive. My ability to observe and capture the decisive moment is conveyed in powerful, emotion filled images. I really feel that authenticity is imperative to the photographic process by documenting things just as they are; like a photojournalist, recording the real emotion and life happening in front of me.  I like what is real, the interplay of our great cultural celebrations set against the backdrop of everyday life.  I am a proud member of the
Wedding Photojournalists Association which represents the most gifted wedding photojournalists in the world.   

All Cara Mia packages include two photographers, online image hosting and ordering with for three months, a web slideshow of wedding highlights set to music and an archival DVD of the final jpegs.  All images are creatively edited in a variety of black and white or color actions.  The utmost care is taken to present you with a final edit of images that are not only great moments but beautifully finished in photoshop.                                           

I donate a portion of my proceeds to several non-profit organizations and work diligently to keep my life and business sustainable.   Doing away with proof prints by proofing online, using album companies that utilize recycled materials and working with other green visionary  vendors are a few examples of how I’m evolving my business in more environmentally conscious ways.  Check out my blog for links to some cool, creative ideas and vendors!


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2012 Bride's Choice Award®
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2011 Bride's Choice Award®
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