Ben Michalski

Ben Michalski

Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

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About Us

Ben Michalski.Com....always gives Full Reprint Rights for your wedding images...No More Proofing!

First a bit about me; I am a professional wedding addition to being just a professional photographer. There are several major differences, please allow me to explain. As a pro wedding photographer I have an obligation to you as my client and there are several things that are incumbent upon me to function in the capacity of a "true professional".

1: I run a real business so I present myself as such, well dressed on your day, well mannered and well skilled in the art and disciplines of photography.

2: I call myself a professional wedding photog because I not only get paid for my services...I actually know how to photograph a wedding from start to finish with no cheat sheet...I’ve done over 400 weddings.

3: I show up sober, energetic, enthusiastic and ready to be at your beck and call in order to create the memory that will last a lifetime.

4: I do it with class, respect and dignity  and will be most gracious and friendly to all you invite. 

5: I will strive to make you , your family and your guest most comfortable and relaxed with humor, a vast knowledge of photography and a smile

6: I will never insult, become angered or dis respect a guest NO MATTER WHAT!

7: I will photograph your day with the creative focus of the best the industry has to offer. My Talent, My Skill, My Equipment ( which is state of the art) My upbeat and relaxing personality and...My love for the work.

8: I will shoot with 2 (two) state of the art Canon cameras one of which is the Flagship of the Canon line and the most advanced and powerful camera on the planet with lenses that are made of the same glass as the Hubble Space Telescope.

9: I will protect your images in a manner that very few photographers do...and deliver a " bang for your hard earned buck" that few, if any, of my peers can match.

10: I will never upsell, over sell, "back end sell" or make you spend more money by buying back your own images. I do not do proofing. What I capture are all yours to keep, print, copy and share. I may however make your images available on a website for your guest to buy if they so choose to do so. I do not do this for everybody..but will so if
requested for anybody.

This is my commitment and promise to you!

All I ask for feed me the same food you eat. You are just as friendly and loving and hopefully are planning a lifetime...not just a day.

because the more in love you are...the better the pictures will’s just that simple. AND... I don’t care if it’s raining, snowing, hailing or thunder storming...I can get the shot....every time.

If this sounds like what you are looking for in your professional wedding photographer...then give me a shout!   We can get together and see if we are a match.

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5 Reviews